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MAMM building

Museum building opened 18 July 2009

A84-204 The fourth Australian made Canberra, finally assembled and elevated to display it to its best.

RAAF display

RAN commemorated by the Naval Twin mount Bofors Gun

LAA (Light Anti-Aircraft) Gun. Bofors, British version, on 4 wheel trailer mount

Landrover RCL(fitted w 106 recoilless Rifle for anti armour capability. (gun now fitted) and Ferret Scout Car

White Scout Car, USA WW2

Airconditioned room for uniforms and small artifacts

12 Inch Mortar Projectile, Deck Piercing, USA 1908. In WW2 was fitted with tail fin to be a 1000Lb aerial bomb, anti shipping. 

Australian 25 Pdr Mountain Gun WW2

Japanere Mountain Gun 1908

LVT Mk4. Landing Vehicle Tracked. (amphibous personell and cargo carrier) USA WW2



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