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Grant Tank Running is now sold!

Grant Tank description for riveted Hull with 9 cyl radial Engine
My driving General Grant Tank with 9 cylinder radial engine is for sale:  $240,000. AUD
Tank is in good running order. Last run 26 09 2012. It performed very well.

See this tank running on Youtube, enter:- army tank, M3 Grant, running, Maleny, australia

The turret is set up with all original major components parts.
Seats reupholstered.

Both manual and electrical powered hydraulic traverse system are functional.

 No 19 wireless set with all parts in non functioning, good condition. Turret is live wired to run the radio. This is above my technology or needs at this stage.

All stowage boxes are in place.

37 mm gun is fitted with all components.(elevation hand-wheel is misplaced)
Solenoids to turret weapons are functional.
Periscope c/w sighting telescope fitted. (headrest missing)

.30 cal browning MG mounts fitted and ammo boxes.

.30 MG Ė missing.

Smoke Grenade Launcher hole is modified(post WW2 mod) to take a fan I think.

Tank commanders periscope and mount are on hand but not mounted. If doors are slammed shut and the locks automatically engage it is not possible to enter the tank. An arm can open the turret hatch through this hole.

Turret windows are fitted but not all repaired. No episcopes are on hand.
Turret internal light is missing.


Dash gauges are all original and functional, fitted with a dash light. (Compass and clock missing)
Drivers seat reupholstered.
The hull is wired for the radio however I donít have a parts plan for the No 19 in the hull.
I will have some of the correct parts for the hull.
Tank was fully rewired during restoration using modern wiring with correct original resistance.
75 mm gun fitted with correct periscope. (head rest missing) Sighting telescope is fitted in the spare periscope.
Gun breech on 75mm is welded.  Elevation and traverse are functional.
The guns gyro stabilizers are included with the tank. Like the British in N Africa, I havenít fitted them. They apparently run up to speed but I havenít confirmed it.

Fire Extinguishers fitted but none functional. An additional modern one is full, ready for use and set beside the driver. It is plumbed into the engine compartment using the original plumbing.

The Homelite battery charger is fitted and functional. I have only started it once.
Many small projects to do such as small windows to unsieze. Some have been done.

Hand brake not working at the moment. It did when I bought it. Not checked the fault.

Drivers window periscope is missing as are the door episcopes.
The drivers rotating periscope is fitted.

Engine Bay

The Engine bay looks very original, totally functional, with modern rubber parts.

The engine is the original Static Radial, 9 cylinder, in good running order.


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